Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

If not's the TIME!!

Hi guys...I have some exciting news!!
Right after graduation, i began my search for my next venture. I worked on my portfolio and got myself together for the next step in my career. It was time for a REAL internship under an exceptional designer. So I began writing emails, sending pics of my portfolio and making some calls everyday to get where I need to be. In October or so, I had an interview with Sylvia Heisel, a great designer in NewYork! The interview didnt go so well (in my eyes at least), but about 2 weeks ago, I got an email stating that I got the internship in NewYork! I was so excited cause you guys have no idea how bad that day went and to top it off, I thought I did really bad in the interview...well I was wrong! Since I thought I did so bad, I started my search again for more internships and I came across Betsey Johnson! I have always LOVED her accessories, clothing and I thought why not? A week and a half later, I got an email back from the assistant designer at BJ saying that I could do an E-interview (an interview via emails, answering questions...). I got one of my friends to look over it, made some changes and hoped for the best...
Well about a week ago, I got an email back from BJ asking if I would accept an internship to Betsey Johnson! So now I had two great internships to choose from! It went over and over in my head wi=hich one to choose..(I know my friends got sick of me asking them which one I should take) but I had to choose for myself. I had been through so much with so-called "designers" in Atlanta and I thought I deserved a chance to make a name for myself with a designer I LOVED... So I chose Betsey Johnson. Its gonna be hard because Im gonna basically be on my own in a BIG city, but I know God has my I have nothing to worry about....Thanks to everyone thats helping me make my dreams come true :-) Ill keep you guys posted...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Jewelry Sketches w/ "PurpleFlowerJewels"

So a while back I told you guys I was working on some sketches for Purple Flower Jewels by the wonderful, celebrity MUA Toni Acey. She is doing a collection of handmade accessories (headbands, earrings, necklaces and wrist cuffs) of different leathers and skins with accents of rivets, stones, beads and zippers!! The collection is awesome guys!! And trust me I saw the handwork first hand...its like a mini workshop in her house! I love it! Anywho, Toni and I have worked together on shoots in the past before and she knew that I could sketch really well. So I had the pleasure of doing sketches for her jewelry line! It made me feel so good because everytime I sent her the sketches she would say 'Kim. you are awesome!' or 'Kim, you're the sh_t!!!" LOL She's the best!! Here are a couple of the sketches I did for her!!!!
****visit her site @ or follow her on twitter @ToniAcey*******

Jewelry Sketches