Saturday, April 23, 2011

KPFusion Article by KimmiePooh!!

Check out KP FUSION!!!


Kisses x

Thursday, April 14, 2011

SBL makes its way to LOS ANGELES, CA

Ive been on a HUGE project for the past couple of weeks!! Making custom SBL Bows for a certain JOYCE BONELLI!!! Bonelli is a celebrity make-up artist, known to beat the gorgeous faces of Holly Madison and the KARDASHIAN family, amongst many others!!! I tweeted her weeks ago showing her a mock-up sample of an SBL hairbow I was in the process of making for my first photoshoot with graphic designer/photographer KAIYOON. Needless to say she tweeted back and we went from there. I was BEYOND nervous, you guys because let me say this was where my next journey would be taking place and I would be sending something I cherished to LA!! AND this was THEE JOYCE BONELLI!! Today she finally got the bows! SEVEN to be exact... WOW right?! Her gorgeousness immediately took a twitpic, and with one of my faves of the seven I may add!! WOOHOOO!!! This is such and amazing feeling!! *ps the hottie in her arms is model Hanna Beth* Ok Im going to go scream now... Kisses xx

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Hey GUYS and DOLLS!!

Long time no hear!!! Been SUPER DUPER busy but all in good reasoning! CALIFORNIA is months away and I am saving and preparing for the BIG move!! Cali is the base where SonnyBoy Langston will launch!!! Pushing and hoping for the best... SonnyBoy Langston will launch in CALI-FORN-IA!! WOOHOOOO... Here's a sneak peek... xox