Thursday, April 14, 2011

SBL makes its way to LOS ANGELES, CA

Ive been on a HUGE project for the past couple of weeks!! Making custom SBL Bows for a certain JOYCE BONELLI!!! Bonelli is a celebrity make-up artist, known to beat the gorgeous faces of Holly Madison and the KARDASHIAN family, amongst many others!!! I tweeted her weeks ago showing her a mock-up sample of an SBL hairbow I was in the process of making for my first photoshoot with graphic designer/photographer KAIYOON. Needless to say she tweeted back and we went from there. I was BEYOND nervous, you guys because let me say this was where my next journey would be taking place and I would be sending something I cherished to LA!! AND this was THEE JOYCE BONELLI!! Today she finally got the bows! SEVEN to be exact... WOW right?! Her gorgeousness immediately took a twitpic, and with one of my faves of the seven I may add!! WOOHOOO!!! This is such and amazing feeling!! *ps the hottie in her arms is model Hanna Beth* Ok Im going to go scream now... Kisses xx

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  1. So excited for you chickie! Great exposure! So glad that wonderful things are happening for you!!