Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Style Corner!!

Sexy Sophisticated... Enough said. Bandage, High-waist navy skirt, Loose cotton/lace top (very cute, casual, but is 'dress-up-able), High Royal Blue pump. And you KNOW i loooooove accessories. Bangles, a nice long funky chain necklace, and no or simple earring, & hot 'sun-blockers' (dont wanna have crazy wrist action AND necklace AND long or big earring= too much!!) Pair it with a nice blazer for a professional dinner (lose the necklace) or take the jacket off and add the necklace for a sexy night out with the girls or dinner date! Ok... READY SET STYLE!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011


Cecil Beaton, Paula Gellibrand, 1928


The distressed denim has been on the fashion radar for quite a while. It has popped in and out of the scene. But if you have that pair that you aren't sure you can pull off? Go for it!!! A distressed denim can be paired with a hot blazer, layered and/or beaded tanks, scarves, handbag and a pair of boots or pumps! Not only can you treat it as rocker chic, but pairing it with a basic, ruched sleeved blazer can dress it up for a nice dinner, with a beaded top can dress it up for a night out with the girls... So dress it up! Layer! Make a Statement!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

With Love...

Don't know what to wear on the date with the hottie that unexpectedly asked you out? Here are some pointers...
* Nothing to wear for the janky weather lol? Get that summer dress from the back of the closet and pair it with boots and a hot leather vest!
*Accessories are a must in this case! Whether simple or bold, you want to make a statement!
*You dont always have to be matchy matchy!! In fact matchy matchy is a no no! (But if you have gold, chocolate brown, beige, ivory, tan, etc tones, and correctly pair them together, you've got style!!!!)
*High necklines may look better with a longer necklace in most occasions
*If you have a big trendy ring you want to rock and some random wrist action, wear the wrist shpiel in one hand and the ring on the other...
*If you go crazy with the necklaces (wearing more that one to layer), wear small stud or no earrings