Monday, January 3, 2011

With Love...

Don't know what to wear on the date with the hottie that unexpectedly asked you out? Here are some pointers...
* Nothing to wear for the janky weather lol? Get that summer dress from the back of the closet and pair it with boots and a hot leather vest!
*Accessories are a must in this case! Whether simple or bold, you want to make a statement!
*You dont always have to be matchy matchy!! In fact matchy matchy is a no no! (But if you have gold, chocolate brown, beige, ivory, tan, etc tones, and correctly pair them together, you've got style!!!!)
*High necklines may look better with a longer necklace in most occasions
*If you have a big trendy ring you want to rock and some random wrist action, wear the wrist shpiel in one hand and the ring on the other...
*If you go crazy with the necklaces (wearing more that one to layer), wear small stud or no earrings

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