Saturday, January 30, 2010

My First week on the BJship (Betsey Johnson Internship)

Hey Guys!!!! It has been a little minute...but believe me it has been crazy! Well I'm in New Yooooorrrrkkk!!! Very exciting... who would've 'thunk' a girl from Memphis, Tennessee would end up in NYC trying to make her dreams come true?! Well...that be me!! I came here early to get a feel for the area and find housing while I was here. From staying in 2 hotels, I got a chance to get out on my own and ride the TRAIN! I was so excited when I did that on my own!! lol... My first week was AWESOME! And might I add...AWESOME! Let me tell you that I was soooooo nervous coming in on the first day... I had the whole vision of 'The Devil Wears Prada' stuck in my head. But it is nothing like least where I am its not :-) The staff is very inviting, they are open to answering your questions if you have any.... Ms Betsey is in the office alot, with us...she is an awesome person and very easy to talk to (even tho I was star-struck when I first saw her). But believe me, it is NOT easy.... Running around NYC is tough sometimes (and painful), but I did get to go and visit places I would NEVER get a chance to go if I were on my own... to name a few, Ive gone fabric shopping at so many places, but one particular place was Mood Fabrics! I went from Canal Street to Vintage Boutiques to the awesome photo-shoot studio PIER 59 (which they mention in Devil Wears Prada) to get clothes for a WELL KNOWN/TALENTED/GREAT singer/performer's photo-shoot, I've been able to go to the SoHo Grand, which is a gorgeous Hotel, Women's Wear Daily, various manufacturing companies, and most recently, I went to the Empire State Building! And this was all just my first week!! I know that there is much more work and errand running to get done, but even though my I cant feel my feet sometimes and my legs feel like noodles lol, I know that I am doing this to make not only for my family and friends proud, but also myself. (I just gotta remember Dr.Scholl's, IcyHot and Epsom Salt are my three best friends...) There aren't a lot of people who are able to do an unpaid internship, with no time to have a part-time job. But my family has my back and they believe in me... (and they know when I get rich and famous...I have their backs lol!!!)
But my journey is nowhere near being over! I still have to meet Shia LaBeouf lol!!! I will try my best to keep you guys updated every week on my progress, my up and downs, and struggles...
Week 1 COMPLETE!! xoxo Kimmi
ps shout-out to the interns Whitney, Joti, English, Amy, Caitlin, Lana, Julie, and Vicki

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dress for ______________...hehehe

Just wanted to show this with you guys... I was asked by Kontrol Mag to design a Grecian-style gown for __________ for an event in Atlanta. I was honored that they asked me...(they are awesome over at the Mag btw shout-out to Julian!!) Anywho... made the dress, but the artist felt it was a little too dressy for the event (sometimes it works out...sometimes it doesnt *shrug). But I was very proud of myself for the construction and handed- beaded detail so I wanted to show you guys what I did!