Sunday, March 7, 2010


Wow guys...
It has been a minute since Ive been back... Well i hope you totally understand... the internship has been an interesting and learning experience for me since I started. Meeting great new people and visiting all over New York and Jersey... March 16th will be officially 2 months of living in NYC and 25th will be 2 months of my internship. Can't say that it has all been a learning experience as far as my design abilities go :-/, but as far as how things are behind the scenes, dealing with the different personalities of people in the industry and the amount of work that goes into a collection has helped me grow thicker skin. I think that was my purpose for coming to truely find out my plans for the future and what I hope to accomplish once this internship is complete. I have somewhat of an idea, but hey this is only month #1 and I have til May... who knows what opportunities could come up by then... Only time will tell and I'm keeping faith and an open mind... XOXO Kimmi