Sunday, October 24, 2010

Freakin Awesome!!

Photos/ News/ Announcements coming soon...

Still keeping my love of styling in the works... Just helped my fellow designer friend Loren James with her first official Bridesmaid Collection 'Mamie&James'!! Can't wait for her to show you guys her skills LOL!

SonnyBoy Langston jewelry is still in the works. Business Plan & Shoots have been in the wraps. As soon as I get some photos from the shoots, i will share with you guys!! I promise!

LaVie Couture is a new, upcoming and amazing clothing and accessories brand I have the pleasure of sketching for. Designer Vanessa Masters is expected to release the collection very soon!! Samples from Italy, shoots and the release date coming soon!!

BIG personal project announcement coming VERY soon!! :)

*Message to the world: My journey is just beginning. I have so much creativity that is bursting to get out! God-willing... everything will work out in the appropriate time and catch you all by storm... GET READY...


OWWWW!! Get it ladies!!! lol... loves the free and sexually in this vintage photo. These ladies were all about expressing themselves. Being free to be themselves. Loving who they were.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Kimmi J Updates!!!!

Hey guys!

Giving you a heads up...
a. the business plan for SBL is in the works!!! Woohoo!!!!! So excited about that... I have so many ideas jumbled in my brain that I just want to make as much jewelry as my hands would allow!!
2. I have been the sketch artist for LaVie couture! The sketches and samples are coming along great...
c. designed a sketch for a breast cancer tee... cute right?!----> just a little sneak peak :-)
IV. my secret special project is in gear...Im excited!! As soon as everything goes as me, you guys will know... but for now shhhhhh!!